Conference Opening

The World Needs Full-Stack Craftsmen

Anton Keks

Thread Safety with Phaser, StampedLock and VarHandle

Heinz Kabutz

What Lies Beneath

Dmitry Vyazelenko & Maurice Naftalin

Performance Tuning Twitter Services with Graal and Machine Learning

Chris Thalinger

Don’t be Homer Simpson with Your Reactor!

Sergei Egorov

Understanding Determinism, Synchronicity and Concurrency with Sonic Pi

Sam Aaron

Building Stream Processing Platform in Financial Institution

Levani Kokhreidze

How to Build Reactive Server Under an Hour

Oleh Dokuka

Rediscovering gRPC with Kotlin Coroutines

Marharyta Nedzelska

Modern Enterprise Java from the Ground Up

Sebastian Daschner

Serverless Java Challenges and Triumphs

David Delabassée

Opening Keynote: Building the Holodeck – One Open Source Brick at a Time

Justin Reock

Streaming Architecture

Aleksandr Tavgen

Configuration management with Kubernetes

Nicolas Fränkel

Understanding Low Latency JVM GCs

Jean-Philippe Bempel

Fallacies of Doom – Lessons learned from porting Doom 3 to Java

Mahmoud Abdelghany

A race of two compilers: GraalVM JIT versus HotSpot JIT C2

Ionut Balosin

Building DSLs in Kotlin

Anton Arhipov

Enough java.lang.String to Hang Ourselves

Heinz Kabutz & Dmitry Vyazelenko

Memory Footprint of a Java Process

Andrei Pangin

Streaming Application in Production

Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski

Live Coding Kotlin-Native Snake

Dmitry Kandalov

Purely Dysfunctional Data Structures in Java

Grzegorz Piwowarek

Live Kubernetes Debugging with the Elastic Stack

Philipp Krenn

The Silence of the Lambs – Promoting and Inspecting Source Code and Binaries, in Continuous Delivery Pipe

Michael Hüttermann

Do not put all eggs in one container

Dmitry Chuyko

Processing (IoT sensor) data with InfluxDB

Johan Janssen

GeekOUT 2018 Conference Closing