Sergei Egorov

Sergei Egorov

Sergei works at Pivotal on Project Reactor in Berlin, Germany. He is an active member of the Open Source community, member of the Apache Foundation, co-maintainer of the Testcontainers project, and a contributor to various OSS projects (Apache Groovy, Testcontainers, JBoss Modules, Spring Boot, to name a few), likes to share the knowledge and was presenting at different conferences and meetups in Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Norway, Denmark, Spain, and Estonia. He is passionate about DevOps topics, clouds, and infrastructure. Before Pivotal, he was working at Vivy, N26, Zalando, ZeroTurnaround, TransferWise, and other startups.

Don’t be Homer Simpson with your Reactor!

Thursday, September 26 – Day 1 - 13:15 - Room 2

Project Reactor is a very powerful tool in the developers’ hands. But, the more powerful tools you use, the stronger safety rules are. Do you know all of them?

In this talk, we will learn about advanced Project Reactor debugging & testing techniques, which are helpful for anyone who works with Project Reactor. Because like the cockroaches can survive even the radiation, bugs can escape the most well-thought-out code. Never heard about BlockHound? Or you know about Backpressure, but not sure if it is handled correctly in your code? Maybe you want to prepare you reactive code upfront to help your future self when something goes wrong in prod? Or perhaps just watch how Reactor team members work with Reactor code and learn some neat tricks?

Then this talk is for you!