Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron

Dr Sam Aaron is the creator of Sonic Pi, an internationally renowned live coding performer, public speaker and science communicator. Sam has a PhD in Computer Science and held a research position at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory where he initially developed Sonic Pi.

Sam regularly engages audiences of all ages and backgrounds with the creativity of code by delivering keynotes, workshops and performances. He has live coded internationally featuring in the Royal Albert Hall, Berlin Warehouses, Science Fairs, on the BBC and school assemblies. The Rolling Stone magazine described Sam as “transcending the present”.

Understanding Determinism, Synchronicity and Concurrency with Sonic Pi

Thursday, September 26 – Day 1 - 14:30 - Room 1

Sonic Pi an environment for live coding music that targets both education and professional musicians. In this demo-heavy talk we’ll briefly cover its history before taking a deep technical nose dive into some of the core technical innovations which enable powerful, live expression of music. We’ll explore Sonic Pi’s novel internal technologies which enable it to rhythmically synchronise concurrent threads (to the beat), deliver thread-safe deterministic randomisation and the power of representing state in itsinternal totally-ordered event-store.