Maurice Naftalin

Maurice Naftalin

Developer, author, teacher. Forty years in computing. Co-author “Java Generics and Collections”, author “Mastering Lambdas”, JavaOne Rock Star (x4).

What Lies Beneath

Thursday, September 26 – Day 1 - 11:30 - Room 2

Have you ever wondered what happens to your code when it is being executed on the JVM. Is the code executed even resembles your original code? What happens past the JVM? What does kernel do? What actually runs on the CPU? How modern hardware affects things? Let’s figure it out together.

After the transformation from Java source through bytecode and machine code to microcode, and the various optimizations that take place along the way, the instructions that are actually executed may be very different from what you imagined when you wrote the program. This session shows you tools and techniques for tracing that path. You’ll see what a simple program actually looks like when it really hits the hardware.