Michael Hüttermann

Michael Hüttermann

Michael Hütermann is a Principal DevOps Consultant. He is supporting big enterprises implementing DevOps.

The Silence of the Lambs: Promoting and Inspecting Source Code and Binaries, in Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Friday, September 27 – Day 2 - 16:45 - Room 1

This session discusses concepts and integrates latest DevOps enabler tools to inspect source code and its packaged binaries as part of a holistic Continuous Delivery pipelines. The comprehensive, interactive live demo is derived from couple of real-world success stories.

Often real-world success stories, interactive, practical demos, and integrations of state-of-the-art tools are missing to underpin Continuous Delivery concepts. Also, reality-checks are often missing since presentations usually promote textbook approaches. This session fills the gap. After setting the stage with some few slides, this session delivers lot of tips and tricks while going through a holistic live demo to bring a new change from a Git push to the Cloud. It is an interactive live demo, as stated above, thus every demo is different.